Who’s Krazy Phil?

Krazy Phil Says Hallo!

Krazy Phil’s website has been devised by Phil Pattinson and Helen Burke. This website has been created to promote the artwork of both Phil and Helen . Both artists are self taught and have become more involved in producing art of a high standard over the last six years.

Their style has been described as unique, colourful and engaging with a certain individual quirkiness. They work very differently – Phils work is detailed and ranges from rock star subject matter to surreal and psychedelic , but he mainly wants to bring fun into the art for those viewing and buying. Helens work is more broadbrush and a funky wilderness incorporating faces and animals and a certain sixties joie de vivre. Collagraph is also a speciality. The mediums employed are acrylic paints, mixed media, glue gun extravaganza, pen and ink, crayon and metallic combo’s, Brusho explosions, both on canvas and paper , collagraph – and even translating designs onto fabric. Within the site itself we have listed t shirts decorated in our designs. Also skaters dresses in a velour velvet type fabric using our designs. It is planned to further develop these areas into scarves and ties. But for the present the art is offered both on canvas as a one off piece , and can also be ordered as a print.

This work has recently been exhibited at the ELFM Chapel in Seacroft in Leeds – this being a very beautiful and special exhibition area. Previously one or two items were exhibited in France, and some of Helens collagraph work has sold from Hull Art Gallery after being exhibited therein. Many of Phils and Helens art pieces have sold from Festivals both locally and further afield, such as Beverley , Whitby and Leeds Corn Exchange as well as at Cheltenham Folk Festival and Fareham near Southampton. The prints themselves make perfect images to set around your home as well ideal gifts for friends and family. There has always been a range of greeting cards available, and these have just been added to by the artists. The cards are fun and so individual people specially comment on these for their uniqueness and vibrancy. So, please do have a good look at all the images and if you have any queries about a particular print please just ask !! we like to feel that we can communicate directly with people who enjoy the work.

On the site you will also find Helen’s poetry books which are extremely varied. Helen is widely published both here and in America, she is a winner of countless poetry competitions amongst these are the Manchester, the Suffolk, the Southport Comedy, the Torbay, the Jersey, the Devon and Dorset prize, Ilkley Performance Prize, and many others. Both Phil and Helen regularly host a radio show for chapelfm radio in Leeds which features lashings of poetry and music. Recent shows have featured David Bowie and Feature Films.

Creativity is our watchword, and we hope that as you browse
This site you will find something that appeals, and entertains
And that you feel it speaks directly to you.
Krazy Phil and Helen wish you much peace and happiness in the coming year.
Somewhere over the Rainbow skies really are blue and once there all your wishes and dreams will come true.
Go well.